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Welcome to my
Home Page!
hope you enjoy


About me

This is me.
As you can see from this picture and the rest of the site, I really have no regard for myself or what I do in my spare time.
I am now 24, have my own car, and looking to buy a house.

About my Family
There are 8 in My Family.
My mum and dad who are in the photo section.
Myself - the most handsome fellow on the net.
My 5 sisters - Sharon, Belinda, Kathleen, Neidin and Shannon.
As this was written on the 24-January-2004, there ages are:
23, 20, 17, 11, 9, myself is 24 years old

Where I work
I work in Stream International. Very good and challenging position that I am in, and now know almost everything about HP Pavilion Computers. Not only that but I know also know about HP Colour printers, also I was a Technical Writer for HP  which enabled me to travel to foreign countries.


I regularly take my Holidays in Malin Head, incase any body did not know, it is the most Northernly Point in Ireland. It has beautiful locations and great scenery and the beaches are to die for.
I would definatley recommend going there to any one.

This year however I went to Portugal with Sineads Family. It was a really good 2 weeks and did not want to leave sun and sand. Hopefully I will be able to get to go somewhere else soon, which will also be a really good holiday.

Contact Us
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please drop me a mail, and I will respond, provided you enter my web page in the subject line.

You are number 5243 to visit this web page since 24-Jan-2004. Hope you Enjoyed it.